Interested in getting into origination but have questions....

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I'm looking at different income options right now and reverse mortgage origination looks very interesting to me.

I've been talking to a few different companies but now I just have a big headache. The brokers say they are better. The banks say they are better. Then there is net braching. Sooo confusing. I used to do non conforming loans 10 years ago but the industry has changed a lot.

Ideally I would like to be a reverse mortgage specialist. If I do other types of loans fine. If not fine. The ability to orginiate in many states would be nice too as I'm internet saavy and plan to blog.

So far, I've applied at Live Well (still waiting), Financial Freedom (probably bankrupt soon), Wells Fargo (waiting). Met Life (said no). What other players should I be looking at?

I emailed some friends and a few mortgage brokers emailed back. Those guys seem a lot more interested in doing FHA than messing with reverse.

Also, what books or courses should I be looking at? I know Sue Haviland has a reverse mortgage success course for $1000. How good is it? Any other ones better?


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Sylvia Williams
Reverse Mortgage Consultant - Elk Grove, CA

Hi Carlos,

The questions you ask are addressed in detail in my 5-module reverse mortgage training system.  Unfortunately, the course is not quite ready and will be launched approximately Sept. 1st.  What is unique about my training is that it is VERY detailed and teaches someone from scratch everything they need to know to be successful in reverse mortgages.  I supply a lot of my real-word experience, having done over 350 reverses myself.

I am also starting a series of webinars August 12th that you might find helpful.  You can check out my training at

Please note that we are in the process of getting the pricing, etc. posted to the website.  You will see the webinars are priced at $49.  But initially, to draw in a lot of participants, we are going to charge only $29.  So go take a look, bookmark the page, and come back when the course is LIVE!  And, do join us in the webinars!  Thanks!

Jul 24, 2008 09:22 AM