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Why on earth do banks make internet banking so DAMN' difficult! I know all the checks are for security, but do I really need to name the object in the middle of a picture each time I log on?!

Drum. Kettle. Keyboard. Tree.

Once I finally got through this boresome process I needed an authentication password, something my bank never even sent me!

Another thing - why whenver you call a company the staff are never cross-trained? I had to speak to one person to establish I was a business bank account user (because they didn't put the commercial number on any paperwork sent), another to tell me they are sending a new password out and a third to tell me my balance!

Surely it makes better customer service if they cross-trained their staff to deal with each customer start to finish?!

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Karl Nettgen
Century 21 Agate Realty - Gold Beach, OR

I have no problem dealing with bank security measures. I think about what it would be like to see a Zero balance and then try to prove it wasn't me that withdrew my funds....

Jul 15, 2008 05:38 PM