Tahoe Real estate - Blowing smoke?

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Seems we'll not be able to see the sun for a few more days with California continuing to burn, but that has no effect on the "sunshine."

Despite the news of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lake Tahoe is spiking - perhaps not as we would like, but an increase none the less. This has been attributed by some to the great tax advantages of the Nevada "side of the Lake" and the ever growing desire to leave California. Perhaps Nevada is being discovered more, or the fact that they are DECREASING the amount of privately held property around the Lake is creating a major supply shortage.

Yes, we still have foreclosure/short sale issues, but they are still holding at values higher than a few years ago prior to the "boom."

Trust me - as an investor that has studied and seen these cycles in the past, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!!!! If you are not doing everything in your power to accumulate what you can, you will be kicking yourself in the near future with the rest of the "coulda, shoulda..." crowd.

I know I'm getting everything I can, and there are still great deals! If anyone's interested, and I can be of service, contact me. This is a "too good to be true" market.

Of course, there are your typical bottom feeders and uneducated lowballers, but don't let that distract you. this is a GREAT market - you just have to look from the appropriate angle and get to work!!

Just imagine - what kind of silly comments would you get if the market ONLY went UP?

Those that survive this will realize that a great transfer of wealth is going on right NOW.

The best generic layman advice I've seen to date that hits the mark Is Robert Kiyosaki on Investing.

Nevada is an INCOME TAX FREE and Entity friendly state!!

Take advantage and secure your future!

Cheers to a better day! K

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