Downtown San Diego Congestion

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I work downtown and I live downtown because I love downtown. I am concerned though. With all this growth that we have and we continue to experience, we are running out of space. On my way home from my office I travel down 4th Ave. to Broadway where I head west to my home. I usually stop by my bank on the way to deposit that days' money (when I'm fortunate enough to have a deposit). Lateley the traffic on Broadway has made me think that I was in New York on that Broadway. It's been crazy.

I notice way more cabs, way more buses, way more cars. From my living room I can see two huge condos being completed (you probably know them both). When those fill up along with the rest of the downtown inventory what kind of traffic are we going to see then?

I love to eat breakfast on the weekends at Richard Walkers' Pancake House. When I'm biking there along G Street, I always get the feeling that I am in New York. There is something about the park there and the street level condos with their porches and hanging plants. I love it. The train going by, the people walking their dogs, the smells, I love it all. I am also thankful that it is like New York, but not New York.

We don't have the grit and grime or the traffic that NYC has. I fear we are headng that way. I guess I can't complain. I moved here to not have to drive much. I walk and ride my bike most places. I drive as little as possible and as I have been preaching for years, many more people are discovering that downtown makes more sense with gas prices and congestion the way they are.

What is going to happen to my beloved city?