Home Stager with The Scotts Group Inc.

John has just called from the office:

“My Parents are coming for the Long Weekend and their bringing Aunt B”

You hang up the phone after expressing your excitement, all the while thinking I’m the biggest liar! Honestly, who likes the inlaws coming for a visit?? Aunt B, didn’t that woman just take a “Home Staging Course”? What will she think??

You scan the Great Room, the kids toys are everywhere, the new furniture is crowded around the TV and you think “I thought we had a fireplace?”. Martha Stewart would run out of the kitchen screaming “That’s NOT a Good Thing” as you can’t even see the kitchen for everything that’s on the counters. You walk through the rest of the house and more of the same thing. There’s no time or money to hire a decorator, what to do???

A Home Stager comes to mind so you search the CSP™ directory.

The Scotts Group Inc, works with homeowners not just when they are selling their homes, but when they need help to get the home where they want it to be. Your home should have flow and feel like a place to show off when you’re living there. Why wait till you sell your home to enjoy it!

We will work on short deadlines!

Duncan Scott, (President and Founder), and his certified team will work with what you already own and love and will help you to shop for new pieces of furniture and accessories to give your home a place you’ll be proud to show off to neighbours, friends, the inlaws and even that annoying aunt!

While having fun is an important part of The Scotts Group Team, we are dedicated and serious to creating and working with you to create the look YOU want within the budget you set! Our Reputation is based on referrals!

We begin the process by walking through the home with you and finding out why you bought the home and what things you want to show off. From there we create a plan specifically tailored for your home.

If you’re not in the Greater Toronto area, The Scotts Group is proud to recommend Reveal Estate in Vancouver and Flair & Function in Ottawa. If your not in one of these areas, all of the Stagers listed on the CSP™ website have been Certified and Trained to help you achieve the results you are looking for!

Duncan Scott, President, CSP™
The Scotts Group Inc
Home Staging/Redesign/Project Coordination

Working with “People On the Move” since 1989


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