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While I am now a full time Realtor, I still do goldsmith work on the side. It's something I've done for over 25 years now and enjoy it thouroughly. My shop is still used on a regular basis and several jewelers in the southeast send me jobs for repair or custom work. Many people ask me about what's popular for engagement rings these days so i thiught I would write about that some.

An engagement ring is unlike other baubles, bangles and beads - this is no mere frill or trinket, but perhaps the most important jewelry she'll own.


Yearning for some good old fashioned romance? Jewelry designers are crafting engagement rings that echo those your great-grandmother, even your great-great grandmother would've worn. And contemporary brides-to-be are happily going the retro route, embracing a ladylike look that's at once both delicate and incredibly detailed. Settings are covered with intricate handiwork like carved scrolling, delicate floral and filigree patterns and airy latticework. Stones also reflect an antique aesthetic - cushion, round, pillow and Asscher cuts are classic shapes and their larger facets radiate more fire under less light (this was especially important in the past when the main sources of illumination were candles). Another reason to consider these bygone beauties - the shanks shine with ornate diamond micro-pavé, milgrain beading and intricate engraving for extra overall bling that still radiates pure class.


The pavé technique involves setting smaller stones so close together that no metal can be seen between them, thus maximizing the wattage of the ring without pushing the cost into the stratosphere. For example - diminutive diamonds are nestled together to give the impression of one larger stone. But this cunning effect isn't the only, or even the primary, reason that pavé is seeing a resurgence among those betrothed. The intensive piece-work is also breathtakingly beautiful when used to accent a bigger center stone. You'll see a myriad of traditional rings with dazzling fully faceted, pavé-set diamonds encrusted on the band (sometimes on three sides) and winding their way up the basket to the solitaire. This ring style throws off sparkle from every visible surface, like a little galaxy of bright stars orbiting your finger.

Platinum and White Gold

Yellow gold has a long history of adorning the bride-to-be's all-important finger, but there are some definite pluses if you choose a cooler hue. White metals will enhance the clarity and size of your diamond solitaire - especially if it's set in the gorgeous "halo" style - a main stone surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds. Platinum isn't just pretty. It is rarer, stronger and more durable than gold and has been the metal for bridal jewelry for the past few years. It starts out highly polished and with time acquires a lovely satin patina. (I'd also recommend it for women who have any skin reactions to the alloys used in gold - it's 90 to 95% pure.) White gold, although not as premium as platinum, offers all the bright beauty at a more reasonable cost.


I know what women want. Well, at least when it comes to engagement rings. They like them to reflect there individual sense of style and represent the love they share with there intended. Classic rings like the diamond solitaire are enduringly popular, but gaining ground are designs that are decidedly out of the ordinary. Colored stones have transcended trend and are now widely available and quite affordable (especially if we aren't talking colored diamonds). Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are all properly precious stones whose hardness is suitable for this most important piece of jewelry. Bands can express our unique personality as well. In fact, one of the chicest ways to wear an engagement ring is by forgoing the solitaire altogether and opting for an eternity band with stones that travel around the circumference, symbolizing a love without beginning or end.

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Michael, you write beautifully.  I'm glad to see the return to older styles with intricate detail in them. 

Jul 16, 2008 01:36 PM