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Does your vehicle make a statement about YOU just by being clean or by what the make & model is?

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How much does your vehicle say about you? How important is it to you what it says about you?

I think number one over all as a Realtor is to have a vehicle that is reliable because you need to jump into your wheels and go with little notice pretty often. So we got reliability as an importance for sure. We've all read and heard that we should have clean cars because that is an impression upon yourself you show and lastly that your vehicle is basically your secondary office on the move. I can agree with all of that. It's all about reliability right? I mean keeping it clean and organized is your job with any vehicle.

So what should you go for? How should you weigh what you want vs. what you need AND how much does being a Full Time Realtor factor into your decision is what I ask here, assuming this will be your work vehicle. (for me it will be my only vehicle, work & play)

I've been having a tough time figuring on what I'd like for a while now when I've had time to toss it around. Recently, mulling it over in a conversation with a friend; she said "well, this will be for your Real Estate work too, right?" I said "yes", and her response was, "well you need to be professional". So that got me thinking deeper about what do perspective clients say to themselves about you when they see what you drive. - What's professional? What's not? Should I care?

I think it is all crazy. However, I am about to give up my gas guzzler (which is the only decision I've made, not to get a SUV) and Need to make a decision on my next vehicle soon.

Thoughts ??? please

Jimmy McCall
JimmyMcCall.com - Cunningham, TN
The Ex-Mortgage Consultant

John, I see it as just transportaion and will drive anything if it gets me where I am going.  Unfortunately, people put too much emphasis on their vehicles.  Thus, in our profession we actually choose our vehicle to please others.  Personally, give me a little truck with a camper shell.  Not very practical with my kids. 

Jul 16, 2008 02:48 PM
K. Davis
Davis Enterprises - Sarasota, FL

Reliability is number one. Comfort is number two.

Here are some thoughts to consider--

How much time do you spend in the car?

How often are you inviting clients into you car to tour?

If you were planning on bringing clients home to your living room, how would you want it furnished? Would it be clean, comfortable and spacious? What colors represent the impression you want to make about yourself (your own taste, your own style)...

If your home is tastefully done, the furnishings comfortable and inviting, consider your vehicle and extension of your home.

If you are spending a great deal of time on the road, performance will be an issue. If you work better in a clean and comfortable environment, you will travel more effectively in a clean and comfortable vehicle, too.

If you like to network and be known wherever you go, aim for the top. Buy a car that is a conversation piece--one that reflects your personality. Go for a luxury exotic (like a Maserati--140k new, 2005 has the 1st year of a 4 door Quattroporte... an '06 is going right now for 60-70 grand). [http://www.mobexotics.com]

If you blend into the pack and want to market yourself as one of the pack, buy the car the "pack" you are persuing will be most comfortable riding in... a Cadillac or Lincoln towncar is a good, neutral option for an older "American" crowd. A lexus appeals to a cosmoploitan group. A BMW can go sport or executive. A Mercedes is more comfortable for a new money crowd, while a Jaguar appeals to old.

If you are on a lower end budget, think about the rear seat passenger crowd. Make sure window visibility is good. Make sure you have rear seat climate control (even if it costs a little more). Decide whether to go foreign or domestic.

Consider a hybrid as a neat marketing option, too...

Whatever your style, carry your persona through or you will never be comfortable in what you are driving and showing property in--and after all, you need to decide how much you time is worth.

If I spend 4 or more hours a day anywhere, I am going to make sure I am comfortable wherever I am--especially if I'm going to be in traffic and carrying passengers. It's my responsibility to them not only for convenience, but knowing that when I'm relaxed behind the wheel, I am a better chauffeur for them.

Best of luck whatever you choose!








Jul 16, 2008 02:54 PM
Spencer Hill
Hill Asset Management - Kingstree, SC
#1 Financial Planner -- South Carolina

The answer lies in your clientele are they new money or old money? White collar or blue collar? What age are they? Will you be driving them to the showing?

Personally I would go with a SUV  Old money= Mint '90 Wagonner  New Money= either a new SUV or a late model luxury SUV. great buys on Yukons and tahoes now about a third of retail on a 3 yr old one - kinda makes up for the gas mileage

No minivans. That leaves a sedan what will your clientele identify with  a lightly used 10 year old Jag or Mercedes or Cadillac, et al. or Something practical like a Buick Lacrosse  or more expensive like a Lucerne or Lincoln MKX. or a volvo wagon

The main thing is it should be clean and nice it doesn't have to make a to big a statement, but it should be something you like and would enjoy driving for a few years.

Jul 16, 2008 02:59 PM
Jon Wnoroski
America's 1st Choice RH Realty Co., Inc. - Green, OH
Summit County Realtor

Comfort and realiability are important in a vehicle.  But I also give consideration to trunk space..... after all, those golf clubs have to fit easily!

Jul 16, 2008 03:00 PM


Over the years I have driven a Cadillac, a VW, numerous SUV's and a Sebring convertible.

What's important is that it is reliable and clean...and that your passenegers don't hold on to the door handles in fear of losing their life :-)

Jul 18, 2008 09:13 AM
Bonnie Randklev
McCormick Realty - Bullhead City, AZ

Just as I was getting into real estate I had to buy a new car because I was driving a sebring which was to low to the ground to be able to drive up on lots with out getting stuck. After days of looking I decided on the Jeep Liberty. Its good on gas and very easy for clients to get in and out of. Well for most people anyways, not to good for the tall guys. It's got high enough clearance to get up on the land. I'm very happy with. Easy to keep clean and roomy and plenty of power.  I'm not sold on the hybreds yet.

Sep 16, 2008 11:20 AM
Monique Combs
Royal Shell Real Estate - Bonita Springs, FL
Royal Shell Real Estate - Monique Combs

My past Real Estate Cars. 1st was a SUV. Hated it! It was difficult for older people to get in and out of. 2nd was an older 4 Dr Mercedes (E class). Loved it and retired it to my daughter at 250K miles. Ha she totaled in a month. Next was a 4Dr Lexus. Loved it! Retired it again at 150k miles to my daughter. Humm... totaled it too. Now I have a 4 door (s430) My favorite. Gas mileage is good and it is very comfy. I would defiantly get another. I actually purchased for 36K w/15K miles. I did drive to FL to get it. Huge difference in price than MD,DC,VA,NJ & NY. I looked for a month online.

Apr 26, 2010 09:38 AM
Hi John

Hi John,

I am a top ten agent the last four years in the Hillsdale office of Coldwell Banker.  Whenever my lease is up I also struggle a bit on what to do: Go luxury? Go sensible?  I keep going sensible - I drive a Toyota Rav 4.  It is probably the least luxury of the other top ten agents in my office but it fits my lifestyle perfectly.   Many of my clients drive much more luxurious cars but they know I am a down to earth person and they have heard through the grapevine that I am a great Realtor so thats why they use me.  Not for my car.  Plenty of lousy Realtors that drive super luxury cars but only make a handful of transactions a year.  Go with the car that fits your lfe, your budget.  Your work ethic and reputation is what will bring you business. Not the car. 

Sep 19, 2010 02:36 PM