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I have engaged in two professions,often maligned,rarely understood.Law enforcement and real estate.

When I was a cop,( 25+ years)I frequently questioned our humanity.Talk to any cop and they'll tell you,what we as a society do to each other is baffling.We often spoke amongst ourselves how a little common courtesy would ameliorate a lot of the problems we saw daily.

In Real Estate I find the biggest impediment to our business is courtesy.If we returned telephone calls or e-mails to each other in a timely manner,the processes of the business would actually be enjoyable.How many times have you telephoned another agent,customer,financial institution or government office ,left a message as directed, and never receive a return call?

This isn't intended as a complaint piece.This is more of an inquiry;when courteous behavior would improve our lives,why are we discourteous to one another? Time?Apathy? If it's self interest aren't we in effect shooting ourselves in the foot? Self interest would seemingly dictate that we make things as easy as possible for ourselves.

I don't know,what do you think?


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Ignorance is a big problem,as those who are aware can see.  Lying best when we lie to ourselves is another big one.  When humanity is unjust to one another it is lying to itself to justify it.  The media and what it portrays, misguiding the masses on what happiness is and letting the world think we are obsessed with Anna Nichole or Michael Jackson trying on expensive watches while covering his child's face with a cloth in a mall, could be one of the biggest problems.  We have been told the answer over and over....Love. It is hard to believe this when we are constantly shown other messages on what happiness is by an irresponsible media.  The greatest gift of all is the incredible gift of each breath that we take and the perception it allows us yet we treat it as nothing until we are about to lose it.  Lucky is the person who realizes what they have while they have it!  When you open a gift from someone you feel great joy.  Was the joy in you or the gift?  It was in you, therefore you can experience the joy anytime you chose.  If people still feel they need a gift to feel joy, then all they need to do is realize what a gift each breath is and they could be on their way.

PS My wife and I are selling our home in Dahlonega, GA to move to Palm Coast and would love it if you would contact us about some possibilities! 

Apr 07, 2007 01:01 AM
James Rosell
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Thank you for your comment.

In regards to your move to Palm Coast,I would welcome the opportunity to to discuss the possibilities.Palm Coast is a wonderful place ,it's proximity to St.Augustine,and Daytona Beach,Flagler Beach and the ranch land of western Flagler County.Nature,fishing,golf,and some of the worlds best surfers,skim boarders and sponge boarders.You're probably aware of all this,but I cannot help myself.I think this may be the best place to live and raise a family.

I do need your contact information,so please visit my team site .You can reach that by

Talk soon.

Jim Rosell


Apr 08, 2007 07:23 AM