Can You Trust Credit Restoration Companies?

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Ron Lambright

    I am often asked, "Can you trust credit restoration companies?" Is there anyone out there who does what they advertise? I must admit that many of these companies are not trust worthy.

    Beware of companies who make promises of guaranteed credit repair. The client is part of the guarantee. If the company does everything it is supposed to do and the client does not pay their current bills on time, the scores will not improve.

    Many companies want to keep their clients in their program as long as they can to make more money off of them. Our goal for eight years has been to get our clients through as quickly as possible so they can refer someone else to us. HOPE USA has a complete program where we get inaccuarte information deleted, negotiate and pay necessarry collection accounts at a greatly reduced rate and help establish healthy current credit. Many times all of these things must be done at the same time to increase scores rapidly. 

    Our clients, realtors and lenders are our best advertisement. They know the HOPE program works and they are quick to refer their clients, families and friends to us.

    No matter who you have used in the past, I encourage you to give our company a try. At HOPE USA we have been helping clients improve their credit for many years. Intergrity is a big part of what we do. Our goal is to offer you excellence in service and to help you do your job better. We don't want you to turn anyone away because of current credit issues ever again. Let us help them and return them to you when they are ready for a loan. We will keep them loyal to you throughout the process and keep you informed of their progress. Your clients will never be referred to anyone else. Loyalty is hard to find today but you will find we are loyal at HOPE USA.

    Our first client had 63 collection accounts and scores in the low 400's. In 3 1/2 months we helped him work his way to a completely healthy credit report and purchase a home.  HOPE USA and our client worked very agressively on his file. This was a great confidence builder because we knew if we could help him, we could help anyone. "Hopelesss is not in our vocabulary." We can help anyone regardless of their past track record or situation.

    Please check out our web site or give me a call so we can discuss how HOPE USA can help you and your clients. We are located in Charlotte, NC but we have clients coast to coast so we can help you wherever you are.

Ron Lambright
Regional Director



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