I heard a rumor....so I went straight to the source!

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In this ever-so-kind industry between realtors and builders I hear rumors, rumors, rumors. 

Stacy Long (being a bold realtor) had lunch with an executive of Sotherby Homes in the Dallas area.  Now being ever-so bold, I went straight to the point.

I shared with her that the realtor community hears rumors that Sotherby is NOT doing well in the industry and that some realtors are NOT bringing their clients to Sotherby in fear they will shut down.

Brazen?  I looked her straight in the eye.  In turn, SHE looked at ME straight in the eye (That's rare for a builder to look you straight in the eye these days).  I truly believe she was telling the truth!

She assured me that Sotherby is NOT bankrupt and is not filing bankruptcy. 

She stated that the recent changes in the Sotherby organization are simply a good business move as the new construction industry is so volatile.  This change assures them a place in the future of the Dallas market.  This family business has been in business for decades and will continue to be in business for many more.

In FACT, the Shaddock family of builders is adding ANOTHER company to the already successful business...Saxony Homes.  They will be building green in Frisco off of Teel between Main and Lebanon.  The homes will start in the mid 300's.  OH MY GOD!  An affordable home!

I suggested that the Shaddock Family tell the realtor community and the buyers community that they are doing well.  Don't you think this would give this statement more credibility?

I just thought you would find it interesting!

Stacy Long

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