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You may be renting endlessly not realizing that you can afford a home. Just a tip, on the average home prices in Clark County are down 25% which means you are buying a home on sale, finally!  You may not realize that there are programs currently that offer downpayment assistance and this is a great opportunity to get into a home now! There is talk of these programs going away soon making it very diffucult for first time buyers to afford getting into a home.

Whatever rent you are paying now multiply it by 12 months and then 5.  This will give you an idea of how much of your hard earned money you are giving away (in 5 years) to someone else and you will never see again.  This was my turning point when I made a commitment to purchase my first home! In 5 years when I sold my first home I was given a check for 77,000 and it was all mine! Renting is fine as long as it is a short-term goal otherwise you will get stuck renting for years because it's comfortable...You better catch yourself and do the math!

Just a few tips to get you started, read as much as you can about buying your "First Home", get pre-approved by a trusted lender (it's free) and work with a buyer's agent, he or she will be your mentor (it's free), don't be afraid to take the plunge, you will redeem the benefits in the very near future!

Quick update...the downpayment assistance program that made it easier for a buyer to afford getting into a home (up to 6%) is being banned as of Oct.01, 2008. If you are considering buying a home, you better not take too long to take action because after Oct. 01 you could be digging in your own pocket for a substantial down payment!

As a buyers agent I am comitted to educating you in the process of home buying and guiding you through out the entire process. Your goals and needs will be heard very carefully and you will never be sold!   My team of trusted professionals of lenders, appraisers, insurance agents, escrow officers, attorneys truly care about the satisfaction and needs of their clients so that you can have a truly positive experience.  I promise you that you will be in good hands! Contact me (360) 606-9715  today for your "FREE" Get The Facts First Home Brochure".

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