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What is Thermal Imaging?

Everything in the universe has a surface temperature or what we call
a heat signature.  Using the proper equipment a thermal imaging
camera in the hands of a trained thermographer can see the
smallest of variances in temperatures, identifying the variance with
different colors or shades.

Why is this important?
Using a thermal imaging camera helps us find defects that would not
otherwise be visible with the human eye, some of these defects could
be very expensive to fix or possibly even lethal.  Here is a list of some
of the defects that this technology helps to detect:

Defective Breakers / Fuses
Missing or Insufficient Insulation
Air leaks in the building envelope
Electrical Faults before they cause a fire
Moisture Intrusion leading to mold
Hidden Roof leaks
Overheating equipment
among many other defects....

As you can imagine the uses for this technology are endless and the
benefits of having this inspection on your home or soon to be home
are priceless.  We are very excited to join the elite group of home
inspectors offering this service.  Currently due to the cost and
training involved only approximately 5% of home inspectors provide
this service.  

Below are some thermal issues found during some of our home
inspections along with explanations of each:

Thermal Imaging Photo of Missing Insulation

This image is showing missing insulation in a framing cell.

                   Thermal imaging photo of moisture intrusion

This image is showing moisture in a ceiling tile that was not visible to the human eye, this was caused by the drip pan of an A/C unit slowly dripping onto the ceiling tile.


  This a fun picture taken 1-2 minutes after placing a hand on the wall for just a few seconds.


Thermal Imaging Inspection photo   This is Nala, my dog.  Again I just put this one here for fun, you can see her tongue is very hot!  Actually this technology is very popular for use on Race Horses and is becoming more and more common as a medical instrument.  Disclaimer - We do not offer any medical services!!!

  We are very excited to be able to offer this invaluable service to our
clients.  Please feel free to call with any questions your may have.


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