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 The Disability Nightmare:

The phone rings... after I introduce myself, the caller, lets call her Mary in this case, asks me a few questions about how I help people in her situation.

I ask Mary a few questions to get some idea of what her actual situation really is- and whether she yet to receive any notices from her mortgage lender.

Mary pauses for a moment lets out a (sigh) and then begins to go into the details of how she wound up facing a possible foreclosure sale and eviction from her home...

 "I was working and paying all of my bills pretty much on time. "I don't make much money but I've been making it pretty much up until last May."

I had to go into the hospital after I had been feeling some chest pains for awhile.

It turned out that I had to get (heart surgery).

That's when I started to get behind on bills, I went through what little vacation time and unused sick time I had. The bills have been piling up!

My kids send me a few hundred dollars each month, to help my with my utilities and my medicine.


The common thread among them is that usually many wind up facing foreclosure, bankruptcy and eviction.

The number 2 cause for many people faced with this situation; after of course number 1, which is the original injury or illness itself, is the amount of time people are (STUCK) waiting for Short and Long term Disability or Workers Comp to kick in.

And I mean Stuck!.

Waiting... and waiting...

Ever heard the saying the "Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease". Well I'm going to provide you with some (powerful) information to get those wheels turning.


You see; insurance companies are regulated by each State. If you ever have a problem getting answers regarding cases that may be pending or unresolved.

Contact your States Department of Insurance to file a complaint!.

If your financial health and well being is on the line- you need to be proactive and not just depend on others to do everything that they are supposed to do or even paid to do for that matter.

I get so many people that just sit there and take their lumps.

"You've taken your lumps, and there's no reason you need to put up with it anymore!


Okay that's it for my rant, but seriously...

Heres the link below to the page on my site for the list of State Dept of Insurance for all 50 states


Darren Britt





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