Tips for moving with your animals

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Moving to a place down the block, to another city or another state can be stressful. In many ways, your pets can react to moving in the same way humans do. It is a stressful time for them too. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while moving yourself and your pet.
  • Make sure your pet has a check-up with your vet and ask the veterinarian if they know of any diseases that your pet might be at risk for in the area you are moving to.
  • Pack your pet's medical history.
  • Pack your pet's toys, food dishes, blankets, etc in the same box for quick access.
  • If you have a smaller animal that lives in a cage (like a snake, hamster or bird), keep it in there during the move, take out anything that might tumble around and injure your pet, and cover it with a blanket so they don't become overstimulated with new scenery.
  • If you're traveling, never leave your pets alone in the car with your windows up.
  • Don't wash your pets favorite blanket or pillow during a move. This allows them to have a familiar scent in their new home.
  • Let your pet stretch and relax as soon as you can, and walk them around the property so they are familiar with their boundaries.

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