Rluipa Using Religion to Get Around Zoning Laws

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Has anyone come across this rluipa? It's unbelievable. There's a guy who just decided to turn his house into a church across from my mom. She's in a residential subdivision and there's suddenly a big sign on the neighbor's lawn advertising church service times. She called the mayor and asked why he was given a permit. Apparently this law was put out in 2000 and it's a way to get around zoning laws. So she's worried about her property values because it looks like she lives in a mixed use area. She was shocked after she complained to the mayor and he sent her a copy of the federal law that they guy showed them. So I don't know what's stopping people from getting a  minister's certificate online and turning their homes into a church and avoiding taxes at the same time. What is the point of zoning laws/ This is a regular bi-level home with about 1800 sq feet. Where are they going to park the cars? Who will direct traffic? What's next, a steeple?

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Robert I. Rhodes

RLUIPA would not be a bad law if it were not abused.  Unfortunately, it has been used by real estate developers posing as allies of religious leaders who want to get rich by destroying responsible zoning.  Taken to its extreme, and in some cases it has been, it is a federal interference in the traditional right of states to control their own land use.

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Jul 18, 2008 11:11 PM

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