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Unfortunately I haven't been very good about blogging.  Since the beginning of the year I think I wrote only one or 2 blogs.  One of those blogs was about my New Year Resolutions.  I just read it again......Hmmmm, not doing so well.  In fact I'm doing down right terrible.  When I wrote about my resolutions I thought if I tell the world about it, I'm sure to do it.  Well, human nature stepped in and I find even telling the world won't make me stick to something.  On the other hand I did follow through on a few things.  On the business side, I am working my business better and I am at work early each morning.  Personal goals included exercising and eating better.........both of which I can honestly say I have succeeded at.  I have lost a few pounds and my cardio is much better.  I feel good about this!!

Now that I am at the end of July, more than half way through the year, I am revisiting my resolutions to see what I can change or improve before the end of the year.  Still an improvement over ignoring something I wrote 7 months ago.

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