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Scared According to Seth Godin in his outstanding read, Meatball Sundae, "Human beings hate to make comittments, because commitments represent risk, and risk is frightening."  I'm convinced this is a truth we need to embrace daily in our efforts to sell more homes and close more loans. We're not in the business of selling.  We're in the business of fear mitigation.  The reason I was not as successful in my early years was my inability to convey comfort to my potential customers.  I didn't understand their fears - I was far too concerned with MY fears of bein rejected.  Not a good combination.  Today it's all about empathy, which is why I believe it is imperative to meet face to face with your customers, especially if you're in the lending realm.  Let's think about this:  You're at home at 2AM and you hear a bump in the night - No, it's footsteps.  Which is more comforting?  Your significant other at your side or on the phone?  Stop looking for bells & whistles or the magic bullet.  Look for the fear and you'll find your success formula.

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Chuck Carstensen
RE/MAX Results - Elk River, MN
Minnesota/Wisconsin Real Estate Expert

Buyers have a lot of fear now.  So if you can help them over come the fears then they will buy.

Jul 18, 2008 01:33 PM