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If you know me, you know that my family and I had a tough week.   We adopted a puppy this week, our family's first baby puppy.  We named her Maggie Moo and we had her exactly 17 hours when she became very sick.  The veterinarian thinks that she consumed some kind of toxin while at the breeders home just before we picked her up. 

If you have a heart at all, you'll understand that Max and I fell instantly in love with this little puppy.  To leave her at the emergency clinic and walk away from that very bad breeder was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  Watching my 12-year-old cry himself to sleep because he finally got his puppy and she was so sick she might die is something I hope not to do again.  The breeder, unbeknownst to us, was a puppy mill and my Veterinarian suggested that as new dog owners, we couldn't risk having a pet with possibly lifelong problems.

My husband, Jack, who had been dead set against a dog for all of our 23 years of marriage was so upset by this turn of events, he called me to tell me we had to find another dog TODAY!!! 

My very best friend has a friend who immediately sprang into action.  He found an adorable puppy at a pet store and called me to tell me about it.  I was very reluctant to buy from a pet store because I have been told that they buy their puppies from puppy mills.  I simply couldn't take the chance of exposing Max to more heartache.  After learning of my fear, my friend's friend checked out the pet store, checked out the place where they got their puppies and made me comfortable enough to go look at the cockapoo puppies there.

Leann drove me down and her friend met Max, Leann and me at Monster Pets in South Philadelphia.  This has got to be the cleanest pet store that housed animals that I have ever been in.  There were 3 male cockapoos.  The first one out just licked me all over and when he got to Max he just started shaking his little stumpy tail like crazy.  Max wanted to be sure, so we trotted out the other two cockapoos.  One was very sweet but not nearly as affectionate.  The third shot out of the back room like a bat out of hell and looked like a wild thing.  Okay, maybe not that dog!  Max opted for dog number one.  I had always kidded Jack that if I ever got a male animal I would call it Jack Junior (Jack is not the animal lover that Max and I are).

Well, my friends, please welcome J.J. (Jack Junior) to the Mangigian family!!  He got a clean bill of health from our vet who actually unbuttoned his shirt, stuffed J.J. in there, buttoned back up and looked Max in the eye.  He deadpanned... "so, did you want me to check out an animal today or did you just stop in to say hello"!  He said that J.J. appears to be a great puppy and he was so happy for us after our harrowing day with Maggie Moo.

I discovered something so important, so earth shattering, I had to share it with you.  I have discovered that the cure for a broken heart is a lick on the cheek from a healthy baby puppy.  Yep, you heard it here.  The cure for a broken heart can be found in the love of a puppy for a little boy who desperately wanted him.

I am proud to introduce you to J.J.!  The newest member of our family!

J. J.

Special thanks to Ed Angelo, Leann Murphy, Liz Facenda and Larry Wright.  Their friendship and help through this devastating day in our lives can never truly be repaid.  I owe them big time and I love them dearly. 

11/7/08 Update.

I just got an invitation to a puppy reunion.  Monster Pets is inviting everyone who adopted a puppy between July and September of the year to enjoy an evening of snacks, refreshments and fun for the family as the puppies reunite with each other.  I spoke to a lovely woman named Susan Hoagland who tells me she personally visits all of the breeders before she buys a puppy and handpicks the puppies that get sold in the store.  More good news... JJ's brother, who we always called JB for Jack's Brother, was adopted as well!  Max and I are going to the reunion in the hopes that JB will be there too.  Happy endings do happen. 

JJ at 6 1/2 months old

JJ at 6 1/2 months old

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Gary Woltal
Keller Williams Realty - Flower Mound, TX
Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth

Susan if I can barge in here....Neal, don't feel bad about not knowing when to take the dog to the vet to euthanize them. I think it shows a real kind heart on your part. I was exactly where you were with one of my dogs. Bear in mind our dogs become family members. Just look how long you have had Roscoe. This will absolutely be one of the most heartbreaking moments for you. But you have to cherish all the good times with our dogs. I did confess to Susan that this was one of our manly "crying times" but it is because we have so much love in our hearts for them. I'll be thinking of you Neal at this tough time. 

Jul 19, 2008 04:11 AM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Hey Susan, JJ is adorable! I hope Maggie Moo heals and finds a loving home. It's a bittersweet moment for all involved. Congrats to the newest addition to your family and give the little bugger lots of love. Poochies respond well to this and are so eager to please!

Jul 19, 2008 04:19 AM
Robert L. Brown
www.mrbrownsellsgr.com - Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids Real Estate Bellabay Realty, West Mic

I like dogs over cats any day of the week. Congratulations on your new member.

Jul 19, 2008 04:55 AM

Dear Friends and colleagues of Susan Mangigian.  I am one of her oldest and continually annoying (closest) friends. She refers to me by many names__Uncle Ed is the kindest that I can print. But, I am also known as Ed Angelo as mentioned in her blog. I was there that day to witness the entire senario of sadness as it revealed itself and, as an ardent animal lover, I was truly torn apart. Leann and Liz  (what GREAT friends) and I all encouraged Susan & Max to "get back in the saddle" and try looking for another puppy__ right away. Wow!!! Do her friends work quickly. One minute she is on the telephone with me in hysterics (calling from the Vets Office) and the next__bamm__"Uncle Eddie... we have a new puppy and his name is J.J.!!!" I read once where, "People can never find the right pet__but rather, a Pet can find the right people!" Truer words have never been spoken as it played out when Susan and Max walked into the Monster Pet Store puppy arena.  GOD, in his infinite wisdom just knew that #1 __that horrific breeder needs to be exposed and shut-down by any means possible (Maggie Moo becoming violently ill) and #2__ that, as a reward for believing and wishing hard enough Susan and Max's prayers were answered__Big Time!! I have personally played with J.J. for about a half hour and I must admit that I also am smitten with that little "guy." However, I only wish that Susan and Max would have named him Uncle Eddie II or something like that but, J.J. is still GREAT. <<hee-hee>>

Congratulations on making a horrendous situation into a "win-win." I believe that Maggie Moo will recover and get a wonderful home. She is also a cutie-pie!!


Jul 19, 2008 07:37 AM
Michelle Hall
Century 21 Hecht - Denver, NC

What a great story.  I got goosebumps with the lick on the cheek comment.  A puppy can only bring happiness. 

Jul 19, 2008 02:08 PM
Dan Woodworth
The Connection - Garden City, ID
Encouraging Communicator

Hi Susan,  I was crying through your whole post.  The unconditional love that comes through your puppy is sensational and soothing for you.  I am so happy for all of you!  JJ will experience life and love with all of you!

Jul 19, 2008 03:08 PM
* Rate A Home
Rate A Home - Saugatuck, MI

Susan, congrats on your new family member, JJ. To cute! Great ThemThem to Ed Angelo, Leann Murphy, Liz Facenda, Larry Wright and Monster Pets!

Jul 19, 2008 04:26 PM
Susan Mangigian
RE/MAX Preferred - West Chester, PA
Chester & Delaware County Homes, Delaware and Ches

I can't express, sufficiently, the calm, love, overwhelming feeling of well being I get when I hold that little guy, my new puppy JJ.  I told someone today that I can honestly say I have never been quite this happy!  He is just love on 4 short little legs!  I am loved by many people, I am blessed that way.  But, my gosh, this little puppy just follows me all over and wants to just be with me.  It's intoxicating and I can't explain how much I just adore the little fellow!  Ed Angelo, my best male friend (my gosh, he's so sensitive), is one of my favorite people in the entire world and he can get me laughing with hello!  He was so happy for me that he came with me to pick our Maggie Moo.  He was as devastated by the turn of events as Max and I were.

The comments by all here have touched my heart.  I am very grateful to be a part of this wonderful thing, that we call Active Rain.

Jul 19, 2008 04:35 PM
Pam Pugmire
Silvercreek Realty Group - Meridian, ID
Meridian Idaho Real Estate

Love on 4 short little legs!!!! How sweet!  I'm so glad you finally have your puppy!

Jul 19, 2008 05:38 PM
Susan Mangigian
RE/MAX Preferred - West Chester, PA
Chester & Delaware County Homes, Delaware and Ches

Pam, this puppy is just the sweetest little guy in the whole world.  I am completely smitten.  Thank you for caring. 

Jul 20, 2008 03:03 PM
Liz Facenda

As one of the people that accompanied Susan and Max that day to get their puppy, I have to tell you it was truly heartbreaking... Susan was thrilled to have me, Leann, Ed and Michael accompany them because she said she would not be able to describe in words the expression on Max's face when he finally got his puppy.  Although we all sensed that something was wrong with Maggie Moo it was too heartbreaking to actually leave her there.  It was quite a roller coaster as the day before Susan and Max were on cloud 9 then to be with them the next day and thinking that Maggie Moo was going to die, the expression on Max's face when he was told that she might die was really heartbreaking I couldn't get Max or Susan's face out of mind that whole night as I kept thinking how unfair and dishonest the breeder had been.  I did place a call to the SPCA and will be following up with them tomorrow.  This breeder is "abusing" these animals and is also hurting the families that come to take these dogs and give them a good home only to be dissapointed!  Maggie Moo was lucky to be with the Mangigian family for the short time she was as she never had so much love!  JJ is absolutely adorable and he is going to be one spoiled dog ruling the Mangigian house for a long time...

Jul 21, 2008 01:53 PM
Susan Mangigian
RE/MAX Preferred - West Chester, PA
Chester & Delaware County Homes, Delaware and Ches

The above comment is from my friend Liz Facenda, who I would not have made it through this experience without.  She was my voice when I couldn't talk that day and I love her very much.

Jul 21, 2008 02:12 PM
Konnie Mac McCarthy
MacNificent Properties, LLC - Cobb Island, MD
Broker/Owner - VA & MD "Time To Get A Move On!"

Your dog is adorable! and I am glad there was a happy ending.

Jul 25, 2008 03:02 PM
Celeste Messer
Adkor Realty - Kyle, TX
Austin Real Estate, Kyle Real Estate

How Cute is he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for "aiming" me here to see your story.  I'll get pix of my new one out there soon but you'll be surprised coloring and face my Charlie looks so much like yours!!!

I am finding it much more healing than I expected...I don't mind having to give his 'back end' a bath twice a day to try to get him cleaned up.  I never expected to fall in love so quickly.

I'm glad your story had a happy ending.  I think it's great your husband also discovered how a puppy can open your heart. 

Sep 10, 2008 01:28 AM


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