Keep stuffing the pipe and planning for the air pockets!

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Well, Summer is more then half over here!   Our schools start Augusta 11.

Having a housefull of children myself, I took more than two weeks off in June and every weekend for the past 6 weeks.    

BOY! does that mean SLIM Pickin's for July for me! 

Beach Bird

a FUNNY term " keeping the pipeline full"....  But oh! so true!  Anytime, we as realtors take any time off for ourselves or our families, it creates an air pocket in the proverbial pipeline.  A month or so later we are running the rat race, stuffing it in on one end then dashing to the "out" end to receive when we get blasted by a huge puff of hot air!  Nothing, nada, a "down time" as far as paychecks go.   At that very moment, we look into the pipe, seeing the 'dead space' and wonder "was it worth it?"

That is where planning comes in.   It is very important to PLAN those downtimes, to stash some cash and TAKE A BREAK!

The truth is that whether or not you actually CHOOSE your time off, or PLAN for your down WILL happen.  Somehow, Some Way, Prepared or NOT!

When a Realtor goes and goes and goes like the energizer bunny without a scheduled time to turn off the juice, they go up in smoke and mother nature takes over!  You WILL take some time from work, either by YOUR plan or HER plan!   So, stay in control!!  Schedule some time in your busy week or month for yourself and your family!   Think,  WHAT are you doing this for?  If your answer is for you or your family, then you CANNOT afford NOT to take SOME time!  AFTERALL, what is it that the calming sound of water on the beach cannot cure?!

It might be very very tempting to "plan time" for the down time in your local market.  Not always the best strategy!   Are you planning to take time to be alone...all by yourself OR  does your family need to remember what you look like and sound like in person? 

If you have 'yunguns' like I do, it pays to bite the bullet and take time off when THEY ARE OFF!  yeah, it costs you in business and YES you will likely get the full blast of hot air from your pipeline,....

BUT those little guys are ONLY little guys for a short while!  

And as someone (a Very Important Person, VIP) once said to me.....  

"Real Estate will be here, those kids will grow up and be gone!"

I keep reminding myself of this as I gasp at the empty space in my pipeline, BUT then I look at the FULL faces of my family and I KNOW "This too shall pass".

Now....Get out your yearly planner and BLOCK off some time 6 months in advance, work your hiney off from now to then so that you can stash enough cash to hold down the fort in the 7th month when you stare down the nose of the empty pipeline!  



family hilton head 07

MY INSPIRATION!!  Look at those Full SMILING Faces! 4 kiddos and my Rock(hubby)




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Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen

Good job in taking time with the children. It's so true that they are young only for a short while.

Jul 19, 2008 06:47 AM