New real estate industry inside information website - do you love it or hate it?

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Real Estate Industry dirty secrets

A new CONTROVERSIAL web site created by a Real Estate Agent Trainer and Motivational Speaker tells the public how the Real Estate Industry really works.  This is the first time many of these things have been said.

He is seeking requests from the public for screened experts, and he will refer business to screened experts.   Feel free to contact him if you wish to sign up!!!!

That is only 2% of the real estate industry according to his stringent requirements. 

As a mortgage broker, we take a beating when the economy or housing market go down, or when the wind blows wrong.  Banks take a beating.  Builders.  But somehow nobody even comes down on the real estate profession.  I didn't realize how immune they are until I read this site and thought, wow, they are going to be mad...They aren't used to this. 

I wanted to see what everyone thought of it?


Don't make the mistake of hiring the likely unqualified:

Christine Bell, CRMS
SR Loan Officer






Elizabeth Ward Small
REALTOR & CEO The 3B Method Seminars - Burlington, NC

I think the writer has a experience as an agent and I saw a lot of truth in what I saw! I am not sure of the goal of the website though...Just informative? Not sure why someone would waste time building such a nice site just to direct people on how to seek out the best unless they are turning it into a way to collect leads to send referrals to the expert they seek out for someone...I did not look at the other topics for lender etc.

Jul 19, 2008 08:30 AM
James C. Johnson
Legacy Real Estate - Sioux Falls, SD

powerful statements they are putting out there - but I think most people will realize it is mostly exaggerated and generalizations - yes some people will believe it hook line and sinker - but that is because it is partially true as most powerful statements that bring charged emotions.

Jul 19, 2008 08:32 AM