Code of Ethics for Realtors

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As a Realtor I hold my code of ethics very highly.  The code of ethics for Realtors was first adopted in 1913,  for the preceding 150 years was a history of rampant land speculation, explitation, and disorder.  It was also a time before the adoption of state regulatory licensing systems.  It was a time when real estate agents,  if they were licensed at all,  were licensed as "peddlers".

This was the era which produced the Code of Ethics of the National Association.  With the exception of a now defunct association of printers, the REALTORS were the first business group outside the "learned prfessions of medicine, eingineering, and law" to adopt a Code of Ethics.  It was an uncommon event with uncommon men and women making an uncommon commitment to business integrity and fair dealing.

It was not a commitment coerced by threat of government santion but a commitment predicated on a need perceived by REALTORS themselves. 

It was a commitment to the concept of service to the public as an article of faith in professionalism.  This is the code that I base my myself and my business on.



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