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I'm so ashamed.

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I had to make a decision.  With no appointments in sight today, I decided to take my precious dog (a rescue poodle) out for some long overdue exercise.  It was either the dog park or serious retail therapy.  I opted for the outdoors and fluffed up my girl and we pranced out the door. Boca Raton and Delray Beach have so many places to stroll, walking along the beach. But usually I don't have that much free time and decided to enjoy the day.  Both locals and tourists can be found window shopping, sipping cocktails or burning to a crisp.  I'm still a New Yorker even though I relocated 6 years ago but continue to wear what I like to call.....New York Black.  It's hot, but it's perfect for any occasion.   At the last minute I put on my Realtor badge and made my way to the boulevard.

I have to admit my dog is absolutely adorable and apparently a great many people think so.  As we began to walk through the crowd, people came up to me and began admiring my dog.  Soon the conversation turned to, "Where are you from?"   I casually mentioned that I'm a Realtor in the area and the minute I began talking about real estate, my new friends were eager to talk to me. This could really work out. 

But now I'm so ashamed.  It's now gotten to the point that I'm using my dog.  Obviously real estate has gone to the dogs.  Have fun.  Jill  




John Petrone
Realty One Group Sunrise - Paramus, NJ

Hey JILL - FA.GETTA.ABOUT.IT ((((bring you back home a little bit here, best I can do in this blog comment space))))

Don't be ashamed. It's just something that happened while you were out walking with you dog. Take those walks whenever you can, ya never know.

Johnny P

Jul 20, 2008 08:46 AM
Scott Daniels Florida Real Estate 2.0. Agents Earn 100% Commission.
Florida List For Less Realty, Inc. Broker/Owner. - Cooper City, FL



Don`t be anything but what you are!

Boca is a tough area..

You need the advantage.


Jul 20, 2008 08:47 AM
Chuck Carstensen
RE/MAX Results - Elk River, MN
Minnesota/Wisconsin Real Estate Expert

Use whatever works.  Dont be ashamed. Thats pretty creative.

Jul 20, 2008 08:49 AM
Gregory Lohr
West Columbia, SC

Men have used that trick to meet girls for years.  You're helping people achieve the dream of home ownership!  Sounds like a winning combination to me.  The poodle serves a greater purpose in life other than being man's or woman's best friend.

Jul 20, 2008 08:53 AM
Scott Daniels Florida Real Estate 2.0. Agents Earn 100% Commission.
Florida List For Less Realty, Inc. Broker/Owner. - Cooper City, FL


One more thing.

I`m more ashamed That I didn`t see you doing that with your dog. You`re smoking hot!

Jul 20, 2008 09:02 AM
Amy Dawson, Vancouver, WA Realtor
Vancouver, WA

I'm sure your dog isn't minding the walks!

Jul 20, 2008 09:09 AM
Regina Lundeen
Delaware Association of REALTORS® - Rehoboth Beach, DE

Oh please, when you start putting pictures of yourself and your dog in your ads, on your business cards and signs and car banners, THEN you can be ashamed.

Dogs and children are always great conversation starters no matter your profession or even if you just want to talk to somebody.

Jul 20, 2008 09:24 AM
Jack Climer
Jack Climer Realty, LLC - Springfield, MO

I am heading for the pound now...thinks for the tip.....

Jul 20, 2008 09:35 AM
The Somers Team
The Somers Team at KW Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
Delivering Real Estate Happiness

LOL, Jill, that is a great story.  Not to be ashamed, but be proud.  Taking the initiative to talk about real esate is never a bad thing.  Heck, what about the guys (and girls) that bring their dog out to flirt and meet others...  Good post.

Chris Somers  www.thesomersteam.com

Jul 20, 2008 10:03 AM
IMNJ - Internet Marketing Specialist
Internet Marketing NJ - Red Bank, NJ

Is there anything wrong with that? In Manhattan I have seen dogs with advertisements on their little doggie wear. Go figure. Best wishes!

Jul 20, 2008 10:06 AM
Scott Daniels Florida Real Estate 2.0. Agents Earn 100% Commission.
Florida List For Less Realty, Inc. Broker/Owner. - Cooper City, FL


Not at all.

If Jill had a pic of her pet Boa around her neck, i`m postive people would notice..

Jul 20, 2008 10:08 AM
Loreena and Michael Yeo
3:16 team REALTY ~ Locally-owned Prosper TX Real Estate Co. - Prosper, TX
Real Estate Agents

If it takes the dog to do it, so be it. I remembered that time my brother-in-law "borrowed" my dog so that other girls would come up to him to tell him How cute his dog was. If it works, it works!!!

Jul 20, 2008 10:13 AM
Trey Affolter
Keller Williams Realty - Tacoma, WA
Brings HOME Results!

Works for me...man's best friend. I am a dog person, spend a lot of time at the off leash park, now I just have to tap in. Thanks for the tip.

Jul 20, 2008 07:34 PM
Risa Liebster
Ramsey-Shilling Associates - Los Angeles, CA
Toluca Lake Real Estate

It's better than some of the tactics some agents have used in the past! I think I'm going to run out first thing in the morning and get a KW T-shirt for each of my 2 pups!

Dogs Rule!

Jul 20, 2008 07:59 PM
John Novak
Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin Real Estate

Nothing at all to be ashamed about, Jill ... just be sure your poodle gets a trip to the pet store for a favorite toy or treat every time she generates some business!

Jul 20, 2008 08:12 PM


I liked your post and it reminded me of an interview By Referral Only had with a person who decided to wear the "Hi My Name Is" sticker on the front of his shirt. He would go out to the grocery store, the post office, and other public places and came to the inclusion that if you make yourself open to people meeting you then you will attract people. I don't know if your realtor badge will attract people to you or have people avoid you but you might try the sticker approach just for fun.

I hope you enjoyed the day in the sun and if you are single I have a friend in the area I would like to introduce you to.



Jul 21, 2008 03:56 AM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

I am a firm believer in doing what you love to attract the life you want.  It's no secret that a lot of golfers find business, and do businnes, on the the golf course.  There's nothing wrong with taking your dog for a walk on a beautiful beach, and networking with people you meet there.  That's what it's all about!


Jul 21, 2008 04:52 PM
Andy Laughlin
ConnectRealty.com - Bellingham, WA

That's great I got a dog I think I will try it. Thanks for the idea!!

A puppy would work even better, Everyone loves dogs

Jul 21, 2008 04:56 PM