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Ahh, had I only known 10 years ago what I learned 5 years ago.  Incredible growth can come from what appears to be total failure.  I've been a firm believer that the only thing we can control is action, not outcomes.  The following illustration exemplifies this theory.  In 2003 I ran a marketing campaign in a select condominium complex in Brookfield, WI designed to help condo buyers steer their adjustable rate mortgages into a fixed rate loan.  I spent all of $53 printing and delivering a very simple flyer and closed a whopping 1 transaction as a result of my efforts.  But it wasn't the closed transaction that netted me the rewards...It was the one that I didn't close.  Having just come back from a Brian Buffini Turning Point Retreat, I leared the power of an intentional relationship business model.  What was once a "lost deal" now became a new relationship which would yield future opportunities.  Mr & Mr.s "X" were a gracious and friendly couple I happended to call on one afternoon in my follow-up campaign, but Mr. & Mrs. X had already restructured their loan to a fixed rate.  I asked to stay in touch via my Client Appreciation Program.  They obliged.  Shortly afterward, I received a call from Mr. "Y" who had been referred to me from Mr. & Mr.s "X".  Mr "Y" did structure a loan with me and subsequently referred me to 3 of his friends, one of which has referred me to 27 of his nearest friends.  All in all, I have secured well over 56 referrals....from a client I have never done business with.  I've never received another referral from Mr. & Mrs. "X" but rest assured, they get a note of appreciation from me every year.  Plant your seeds of opportunity whether you "land the sale" or not.  If you do, your seeds will flourish.....and you'll never know where your tree of life will grow.  Happy Planting!

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