Caulk Singles Are More Expensive Than Caulk Tubes, But May Be The Perfect Fit For Small Seal Jobs

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GE's Caulk Singles make caulking a little bit easier to manageEvery homeowner's basic toolkit should include caulk, a sealing agent for sinks, bathtubs, windows and other places where seams exist.

And now, with the mass-market availability of Caulk Singles, that toolkit can be made a bit smaller. 

Caulk Singles are a one-time-use caulk package, squeezable from the bottom-up and billed as easier-to-control and clean-up than the familiar caulking gun and tube.

But, at a cost of $2.50 per package, it's also considerably more expensive than "the old packaging".  By comparison, a tube of traditional caulk costs about $6.00 per package and holds close to 8 times as much material as its single-use cousin.

Caulk Singles are marketed by GE and available for sales at Lowe's Ace Hardware and True Value.  Free samples are available with sign-up at

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