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The best properties to wholesale are...

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...builder closeouts.  We find a lot of people are checking out the wholesale market.  It's easy to get a contract on a property and then hand it on to another investor.  No money in and you're walking away often times with a month's salary.  But investors are getting picky today.  They want properties as cheap as they can get them and seem to take forever to analyze a deal.  Analysis paralysis?  Yes.  So how do you get a deal that is a winner?  Pick up a few builder closeouts.  They're often cheaper (50% or less), brand new, and easier to close.  Sometimes the builder has dozens available and investors for these deals often buy in bulk.  So putting a package together is simple and more profitable.  No rehab.  And even if the house needs a few tweeks, the builder is more likely to work with the new homeowner to customize their home.  We find homes quite often that builders are ready to offload, so let me know if you're in the wholesale market, maybe we can work together.  And if you're a realtor and happen to have some builder closeouts let me know.  I have several companies that will buy them by the hundreds.