GoToMeeting Too Expensive ?

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GoToMeeting Too Expensive ?

JesseA month ago, I would have argued that for small groups or infrequent use for meetings among peers would not warrant the purchase of GoToMeeting. A combination of teleconferencing and tools that nearly everyone already has like Netmeeting would be sufficient. For large meetings, meetings with VIP's or meetings with important clients I would have said that it was the best at the best price however, I still didn't like the fact that it required a phone conference in addition to the online meeting.

Now it has all changed. A very good product has become a great product. GoToMeeting made some changes early in July that address its shortcomings head on.

First, they added VOiP. This eliminates the need for a second phone conference being used as long as the participants have microphones and speakers on their PC's or laptops. It is very easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to implement.

Secondly, and this makes my graphics and design department ecstatic, they have added full support for Apple Macintosh. Now Mac users can organize meetings with the same ease as Windows users. With these new additions to the product while keeping its price below $50 a month is incredible. It is a tiny tiny fraction of the cost of our old conferencing system. Now we can put together a meeting and have everyone together and comfortable at their own workstations in under half an hour. There is nothing out there that comes close for the price.

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I use Adobe Connect Pro.  It has free VOIP.  It's flash based so no downloads(thank goodness).  It's about $10 less per month than Goto and it can handle meetings with up to 99 participants.  Goto has a much better marketing department but Adobe is, quite simply, a better product in my opinion. 

Jul 21, 2010 10:48 AM