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Will the real Batman please stand up?

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I think that he just did. This weekend a couple of new records were set at the box office by this little movie called The Dark Knight.  Was it all that the media cracked it up to be? Yes, and then some. Being some what of a purist, I had my doubts. How could you replace Jack as the best Joker ever? How would this new guy even begin to fill those large shoes? Somehow, Heath did it.

Heath Ledger was incredible, dark, and crazy. He didn't try to replace Jack, Heath put his own spin on the character, and blew it away. 

Overall, the movie was great, but no so much so for the kids. Stuff blew up, there were very few over the top fake scenes, and Christian Bale was incredible yet again. Having grown up watching several different Batmans, I think I like him the best. He seemed honest somehow.  Maybe it's the way he just seemed to fit.

I just wanted to let anybody thinking about watching, that the wait to get in the movie theater was well worth it.  So, if you need a break from the phone for two and a half hours, stop in and watch.