Waynesboro, PA

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Waynesboro is located in Franklin County

Population: 9,578

John Wallace Sr. first settled the Waynesboro area, in 1749 as a small frontier outpost. First called "Wallace Town," it was renamed Waynesburg by John Wallace Jr., a Revolutionary War veteran, in honor of his commander, General Anthony Wayne. In 1831, the Pennsylvania Legislature changed the name to Waynesboro. Though a seemingly quiet town, Waynesboro has had its share of exciting history. The Renfrew sisters, Sarah and Jane, were slain by hostile Indians as they washed their clothes along the Antietam Creek in 1764 during the French and Indian War. Nearly 100 years later in 1863, Confederate troops twice occupied the town, once after setting fire to Chambersburg, then returning for the Battle of Gettysburg.

Originally settled as farmland, Waynesboro has prospered into a uniquely blended community that offers not only rich farmlands but a booming industrial sector as well. The area boasts a variety of manufacturers, producing everything from electrical conductors to greeting cards.

Newcomers to Waynesboro are immediately impressed with the diversity of affordable housing available. Apartments and townhouses are well maintained and attractive. Plentiful moderate-sized homes and many larger homes are available in traditional, tranquil, tree-lined neighborhoods. Available housing ranges from as low as $80,000 to a high of about $180,000 with an average market time of under 60 days. Housing over or under those price ranges is harder to find and usually has a longer marketing time.

Waynesboro area offers something for everyone. The Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library boasts over 150,000 books, plus an outstanding collection of Civil War Documents. A variety of programs for young people are conducted there as well. Waynesboro also offers Renfrew Museum and Park, a 107-acre property named for the Renfrew sisters, and dedicated to bringing history and culture alive to the local community. The Antietam National Military Park is also a short drive away.

The surrounding area offers a paradise for hiking, biking, hunting and fishing. For the skier, both Ski Liberty and Whitetail are within a few miles of town. Golf is also a popular pastime with ten courses in the area, three of them private, but all within minutes of Waynesboro. The YMCA offers facilities for all ages, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, racquetball courts and two gymnasiums. Waynesboro's Memorial Park offers organized summer sports, supervised by local volunteers, and a variety of opportunities for the athletically oriented, from youth baseball to adult volleyball, as well as courts for the tennis enthusiast and playgrounds for the children. Northside Pool provides a cool spot for the young and old on hot summer days.

The area's first schoolhouse, a small home built in the 1770's still stands on Bourn's Hill, overlooking the modern Waynesboro High School. Waynesboro school district has grown from 17 students in a one-room schoolhouse to four elementary schools, a middle school and a large high school. Offering a wide variety of courses, Waynesboro's educational facilities are equipped to provide an essential foundation of learning and prepare the student for either college or entry into the work force. Extracurricular activities also abound, including athletic programs for boys and girls, vocal and instrumental music for the school band and varied choral groups, plus numerous clubs from SADD, the National Honor Society and FFA. These activities help produce a well-rounded educational opportunity for the districts students and the community. Waynesboro High School also offers training through the Franklin County Career and Technology Center, in 25 different vocational areas such as welding, cosmetology, electronic technology, horticulture and landscaping. The area also offers a number of private schools. St. Andrews, a local Catholic school has provided elementary education since 1925. Waynesboro's pride in its educational system has been in evidence since the days of the Bourn's Hill school and has continued to modern days with a tradition of scholastic excellence and the creation of students with a diversity of knowledge that has added to the community itself.

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Debbie Cook
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This is a great post!, you have sucessfully described the area to me in an easy flowing short form.  I hope you also posted this in Localism with some pictures.  Waynesboro sounds like a great affordable town!
Apr 02, 2007 01:33 PM
Jonathan Dean
MetLife Home Loans - Waynesboro, PA
Thanks Debbie - and the pics are getting there - hopefully soon.
Apr 02, 2007 02:21 PM

While most of this post is great, you give a rather positive view of the school system. I have lived in Franklin County most of my life and know what the schools are like. Elementary and Middle School are great, but by the time a student gets to high school it seems that the school or school system just doesn't seem to care what happens. I have seen this multiple times with different students and ages and have also heard the same types of information from other people.

Apr 06, 2007 03:38 AM
Jonathan, you've done a very nice job on this page, but I hope you will allow me to make two corrections: 1) the Renfrew sisters were killed during Pontiac's Rebellion (War) after the French and Indian war which was settled in 1763. Pontiac's War occurred immediately after the Fr. & Indian war (as if the settlers hadn't had enough trouble). 2) Chambersburg was burned on July 30, 1864 so your juxtapositioning of those Civil War events tends to be a little misleading. (BTW, I tried to send this directly to you in an email but it was rejected)
Oct 07, 2007 07:24 AM

What booming industrial sector? Johnson Controls is all thats really left anymore. Haven't you been to Waynesboro in 20 years?

Aug 18, 2010 03:37 PM