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Today's post comes from the NRVLiving Real Estate Group's very own Steve Ayers, a Blacksburg Townie and Food Afficionado of some  kind.  I've been bugging him for a year to bring us something here on the blog, and we've finally found a topic that's near and dear to his stomach - err, heart.  Welcome, Steve!


South Main Street in Blacksburg ... A covered canopy with rows of speakers that you pulled into to order treats. 

Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Fresh fries, Buddy Boys, with a side of Friends.

If you remember these, you remember Lendy's.

Lendy's was a great meeting place in Blacksburg, at least in the late fifties, sixties, and early seventies.

A classic American Drive-In restaurant. Push button call stations, wonderful curb service.

You sat in the comfort of your own car, talking to friends, listening to the radio, waiting for your order.

It might be a  double decker hamburger with cheese, lettuce, pickle and its own special tangy sauce, a Buddy Boy.  Before KFC UCB (OK .... spelled out ... Kentucky Fried Chicken on University City Blvd.) ,

This was where you ordered real fried chicken from Colonel Harland Sanders, made from the secret herbs and spices.

Drinks? How about a thick chocolate or strawberry milkshake or maybe even a Lime Freeze.

This meeting place, this delicious retreat, is part of the history, part of the fabric, of a small town called Blacksburg, VA.

The 1400 block of South Main was a family and friends destination for food, fun, and fellowship.

As a town we place great value on preserving what has made this community a wonderful place to live, learn and prosper.Steve Ayers

Everything from alley ways to the 16 downtown original blocks are being enhanced to make sure we do not lose the character of our 'Burg.

Too bad our current town council failed Blacksburg History in school, they might have prevented a Sonics lawsuit.

And my Mom could have ordered a Limeade without having to drive to Christiansburg. (She gets me a strawberry limeade ... Thanks Mom)

It's just my hometown. That's all.

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Diana Lyons
Blacksburg, VA

Lendy's??? Must of been before my time  :) 

What do I know....we didn't even have a restaurant in Pembroke (except for my Mom & Dad's when I was about 8...which is now a hair salon) and I was in the 10th grade, working the Summer for the Forest Service before I went to a McDonalds (in Blacksburg) for the 1st time!!

But I do remember Sydneys (Have you been to Sydneys lately?) that was in the shopping center down from Kroger & even remember the Townside Realtors commercials on the radio  :)  Ahhh...the tales I could tell....

PS: Go Sonic!!

Sep 09, 2008 03:02 PM
Paul E.

I had completely forgotten about Lendy's - I love that place!

I was very young but loved going there with my folks - such a great spot.

And the parallel to Sonic is brilliant - it seems everything old is new again. No one got hurt back then,

there were no argument or litigation - just great shakes!!!


Now that I'm in that nostalgic space, what was the Drive-in/Restaurant on North Main Street across from the old

Wade's? The sign was a tall busty woman holding a tray...anyone recall?


And Sydneys, yes...Heironimus...Rose's...getting a cherry coke downtown at their soda fountain.


Sep 27, 2008 03:51 AM
Jeremy Hart

Paul - Steve and I have been racking our brains trying to determine what place you mean.  He seems to remember some kind of a drive-thru around that area, but can't place it.  Has it come to you?

Sep 30, 2008 04:53 PM
Delray Shaffer

Grew up in Blacksburg during the 60s and 70s. Ate here often with my parents. Had great food. Funny, I remember well the individual cigars sold at the cash register.

Jan 18, 2019 05:23 PM