Hansen Lane Estates, Danville…Here are 6 things you need to know that will benifit you:

Mortgage and Lending with Vintage Mortgage Group
  • butler_small1.jpgProfessional people hire professionals in their field of expertise

Green home loans offer special financing that very few loan consultants understand or know how to access

Here is what the Builder won't tell you

95% of new home home-buyers do no not understand the importance of personal and private representation, typically overpaying an amount of what could have been further negotiated.

99% of new home home-buyers fall victim to the nonrefundable escrow deposit clause.

The use of technology to buy your Green Home in Hansen Lane Estates with minimal impact on the environment i.e. Electronic applications, electronic loan submissions and electronic loan signings...PAPERLESS.

A gift in your name to the environmental agency of your choice along with public recognition at the close of escrow.

Hansen Lane Estates, Danville...Here are 6 things you need to know that will benifit you:

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