Apealing to the 5 senses will make the property more memorable!

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By appealing to the five senses, we can make a lasting impression.  By making a lasting impression, we have a better chance at selling a property. 

Research shows the more senses that our brains are exposed to in a good way, the better the experience we have and the more memorable that experience will be.  Knowing that, we can use this philosophy when staging properties.  Appeal to the 5 senses and you are miles ahead of the competiotion!

SIGHT: having the property look visually appealing, tidy and well cared for, de-personalaized. Think about those white towels looking clean and spa like and what the buyer feels when seeing that.  You have created a feeling of luxury.

SMELL: Having a fresh scent in the space, no cooking or moth ball smells.  Something that appeals to the majority.  Fresh lemons give the impression of "clean", who doesn't like a clean house?

SOUND: Light music playing in the background at an open house or showing is another great touch.  Music plays on the emotions of almost everybody.  It can creat an immediate mood, good or bad, so choose carefully when staging.

TASTE: Why not!  I am sure that buyers coming into the house would love to have a chocolate while they are looking around.  Something pre wrapped would be appropriate.  I have heard of realtors having treats at open houses and it is always well received. 

TOUCH: This one is tougher but using textures in the pillows, throws or on a great place setting at the table, you may entice buyers to want to run their hands along something.  A plush, soft throw is something I can rarely pass up when I see it in a store. 

So, use these tips when you stage your next place and see if it doesn't work!

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Leslie Hoyt
Hello Home! - Greenville, SC
Hello Home!
I agree with them all! Another idea for sound is a clock and a waterfall or fountain. I read a book a few years ago called Creating a Sensesational Home, by Terry Willits, an Interior Designer in Georgia. It is a great resource for ideas for all the senses. Great post and reminder! ~Leslie
Jul 22, 2008 02:57 PM
Elaine Manes Gage
Home Staging Online Services - Denver, CO
Staging done ONLINE!

Lisa- I have a Feng Shui book on selling your house, and it mentions the five senses too! Great approach, certainly something EVERYONE should understand!

Jul 22, 2008 03:52 PM
Laura Yazge - The Styled Interior LLC
The Styled Interior LLC - Suwanee, GA

I'm a big proponent of textures in pillows, throws etc.  Walking through a home can be a very impersonal activity; stopping to "pet" a blanket throw on a chair or bed can leave potential buyers with a personal sensory memory of the space.

Jul 23, 2008 09:08 AM