Even the President Said it..

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I have been keeping up with several recent posts about whos fault it is with the mortgage and financial mess were in.  I came across an interesting piece on Yahoo video that was meant as a slam piece on our current president.  Leaving politics out of it, I think what they described as "President Bush's drunk comment" is actually one of the most poigniant and well put commentaries on the problem.... To paraphrase, in a nutshell, he said "Wall Street got drunk, now they're trying to sober up...How long will they be hungover.  They were drunk, offering risky financial instruments etc....  You can see the video here thanks to Yahoo News....



What are your thoughts and comments.  I felt like (even though it was supposed to be off camera) his point was well made.  As I said, leave the political party lines out of it.... Just listen to the statement he makes.


What are your thoughts? 

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Thomas Hargreaves
TriStar Financial Services - Eugene, OR

No matter what goes on with the economy everyone still wants to blame the president...  Mr. Bush did not lower all the banks guidelines and let anyone and everyone recieve a home loan.  People Lied to get clients qualified, lenders looked the other way, because they thought they would make HUGE profits..  I do not put any of this on the President, and agree with the yahoo comment.

Jul 23, 2008 05:06 AM
Rudy Baker
Century21 First Choice Realty - Burlington, NC

I agree, thats why I put the leave the politics out of it..... I have been saying that for a while now, they made money too cheap, too easy to get..... And the buying public bought into it.

Jul 23, 2008 08:31 AM