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When Signs Just Do Not Work!

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Great, you have signs and yet, no one comes.  How do you overcome that?  How do you drive traffic when the old ways of driving traffic no longer work?

Is it bigger signs, brighter signs, or more signs?  Although signage plays an important role in the real estate industry, they no longer do the job they once did.  And while you cannot do without them, you need to add to your arsenal.

If you are working on selling a whole community, it is obviously different than a single home, but most of the same applies when it comes to driving traffic.

First -- signs.  The signs should reflect the mood of the home (s) and send the right message targeted towards the right target market. 

Printed material.  Even if it is a well thought out single sheet of paper that reminds the potential buyer of why they really want to live in the home you are selling.  For communities, you step it up a bit with a sales center, brochures, floor plans, a community map, finishes, etc.

Web.  People looking for a home, especially a condo, look on the web.  If you or your property is not there, you are doing yourself and your client a dis-service.  Once there, you have to be found and that is where a new era is fast coming upon us all.

Video & SEO.  Did you know that you can float a video, complete with keywords and title on the web?  Did you know that by working with someone who knows, that you can be on that ever precious first page?  Did you know that if you do it right, you will attract the right type of buyers?  The web provides you the space for virtual signage -- you just need to get it on the right virtual street.

All angles need to work together, be professional, and send the right message.  It is then, your sign, both physical and virtual, work!


L. Daye Salander


Crystal Corr
Keller Williams Greenville Central - Simpsonville, SC

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