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I normally try to keep my Foreclosure Prevention 101 postings limited to actionable things and information specific to foreclosure.


I believe the Maxed Out Trailer Documentary and Nightline broadcast and commentary by the documentary producer is too important not to share with anyone that has not seen it. Check out the video on youtube from the link below. 





 Darren Britt




Katerina Gasset
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I watched the you tube video. I think that personal responsibility is lacking and people live in an entitlement mentality which causes them to blame everyone except themselves for their circumstances. Yes, credit cards are tempting but I have lived for years without them. I learn how to use them responsibly and I learned to say NO. Just as someone may offer cocaine to me, I know ahead of time what my answer is going to be. Learn to say NO. Learn to NOT sign anything without someone looking it at for you that you trust. The cases in the documentary are very isolated.

Only 5% of 100% of the mortgages in the US are in default. I look at the glass half full. Katerina

Jul 24, 2008 11:07 AM

Very true,

I believe that there are many people that are not financially literate enough to handle credit especially young people but many adults as well, ( some of my own family members come to mind here).

I hope the documentary will be informative for those young people that may jump at any and all offers extended to them. 

The marketer in me is suspicious, that college students probably see a spike in offers as they get closer to Spring Break.    



Jul 25, 2008 02:08 AM