What are you looking for in a Listing Agent?

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With so many agents out their vying for your business, it can be a difficult decision choosing the "right" agent to sell your home.  Without giving away my complete listing presentation, here are a few important questions you should be asking any prospective agent:

  • Where will you market my listing?  Given the fact that at least 80% of homebuyers do their search process online, the answer better be heavily geared towards internet marketing. 
  • What keywords to you use to insure that my property will come up on the first few page results of Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.?
  • Do you know what websites my listing will be syndicated to?
  • Knowing that homebuyers are looking for detailed descriptions, loads of photos and virtual tours, do you offer all of that at no additional cost to me?
  • Knowing that most homebuyers use the services of a buyer's agent, what portion of my commission do you offer co-brokers who bring a buyer to contract?

If your listing agent can not clearly answer all of these above questions, its time to move on to the next agent interview.  With so much inventory currently on the active market, you need to make sure that your property is given every opportunity to come to the attention of buyers. 

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