RUN, don't walk... Part 4

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RUN, don't walk  -----  PART FOUR OF SIX


 So we've found the perfect home!  At this point, a professional, knowledgeable Realtors assistance is especially valuable.  Once you and your agent have determined a price, you will need to put that in writing on a Sales Contract, (at this point you are making the seller an offer).

  After completing the written offer to the seller you will sign the contract and your agent SHOULD give you a complete copy of everything you have signed for your records.  You will be asked to provide Earnest Money at this time.  This indicates that you are serious about purchasing the home.  If the seller were to reject your offer this is fully refundable.

The other option the seller has is to counter your offer, (that is make you an offer, based upon your original offer), now the skills and knowledge of your Realtor will unfold, this is the start of the negotiation.  During this phase you and your Realtor will discuss many factors, involving the purchase and your Realtor should try to stay detached from the emotions of purchasing a home and keep your interests at the utmost.  Once you reach a meeting of the minds and the contract is finalized, we'll move on to Part Five of this Series.


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