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Real Estate Appraiser with Valucent Corp.

There are many Realtors who are encouraging the use of independent real estate appraisals to their prospective sellers. In todays market you see a lot of sellers who are willing to list their properties with Realtors but are unwilling to take their advice as to what price to market it at. There are many people who are just not realistic about their selling prices. An unbiased and independent real estate appraisal can make the seller feel more confident about the price they are listing at and prospective buyers feel more confident in the price they are paying as well as their ability to secure financing (yet another issues in todays market place). An appraisal can help with negotiations as well. Valucent Corp. provides appraisals for pre-listing and pre-purchase market value estimates. Our appraisals for such purposes are done by experienced and licensed local professionals and are reviewed by out in-house staff review appraisers at no additional charge. We do not only provide closed sales comparables, we also provide active listing and/or pending sales comparables, to make sure our appraisals are as accurate and current as possible. It is time to think "outside the box".

If you are interested in our services, or know someone who may be, please visit us on the web at www. valucent. com or e-mail us at

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