Is it Time for Us - As Recruiters - to Get Back to Basics?

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Often we stress the need for agents to be grounded in the basic of the real estate business so that their prospecting and target marketing activities become ingrained habits tied to realistic goals.  Are we making the same commitment and effort in your own recruiting activities? Do we schedule our recruiting activities in our calendar each week as our first priority?  In Steven Covey's terminology, is recruiting in our weekly goal planning one of those "big rock" activities that enjoys the priority  it deserves?

Again we expect our agents to plan each week with prospecting activityies that lead to a targeted number of appointments each day in order to achieve their weekly, monthly, and annual production goals.  Are we doing likewise?  Are we setting the example in our recruiting efforts that inspire our agents to emulate our efforts in their real estate prospecting?  If not - why not?  Are we following the coop side of our closed sales and asking our agents for good referrals from coop agents they have worked with in those transactions?  Don't we encourage our own agents to always ask for referrals from their clients?  Of course we do!  Then why do so many of us fail to do exactly the same thing when we are trying to reach out to the best agents that may be working for our competition?

I realize that most real estate recruiters are placing an emphasis, if not a premium, on seasoned agent recruiting in the current market.  In fact, nearly 70% of agents recruited in this market are seasoned agents working for the competition.  Therefore it is even more critical to make contact and then follow-up, follow-up, follow-up until that agent is ready to make a change.  Doesn't that sound a whole lot like a farming campaign?  Of course it does!  So the answer to effective recruiting is as simple as getting back to the basics in exactly the same manner as we have suggested for our agents.

Then why don't we do that? What is getting in the way?  It's just a matter of time management and setting priorities so that we remain focused on long term, high priority results.  It's fighting the temptation to always get caught up in the day to day emergencies, soap operas, and fire drills that distract all of us from remaining focused on the mission.  We all take our eye off the ball and easily fall into this trap!  It is simply too easy to chase numerous B and C priorities that are in our face rather than carving out the time to accomplish those A priority or "Big Rock" items that will advance our commitment to recruiting, retention, and education.

This is a great time of year to take stock and re-evaluate our goals, priorities, and achievements.  It is the perfect time to tweak those goals and set the tone for the remainder of 2008.  There is plenty of time to take charge of our recruiting and production goals to make this year the most successful year it can possibly be.  So let's get focused and get back to the basics of recruiting for the remainder of this year.


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