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Making Your Move

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Did you know that according to the American Moving and Storage Association that the average person moves 12 times in their lifetime?  Moving is the third most stressful event in a person's life!  In moving, the emotions and feelings of a person and or family could be a rollercoaster of fear, excitment, and a very long to-do list.  I know that there are a lot of tips and ideas of how to move.  I hope to add a few new ones to enhance your moving adventure primarily with moving with children.  

It can be diffucult to decide to move yourself or hire a professional without a corporate paid move.  Anyway you look at it, moving is in the details.  Moving across town would be less expensive to do it yourself. This can be done with some fun woven into the stress by having a moving party with friends and family.  With a long-distance move, it may be worthy of getting a professional to pack and move you the distance.  The moving company will have insurance coverage for any items damaged in the move.  If you pack and move your own possessions, nothing is insured.

With children they mimic their parents in reaction.  Try to remain calm and relaxed around children and reassure them when the movers are there that their things are not being taken, but moved to their new room.  Depending on the age, the concept of moving can be misconceived.  There have been some good books written for children to assist in the comprehension of what moving really is.  Some of the titles are The Berenstain Bears' Moving Dayby Stan and Jan Berenstain, We're Movingby Heather Maisner, Moving Houseby Anne Civardi, I'm Not Moving, Mama!by Nancy White Carlstrom.  These books can be bought at the local bookstore, borrowed from the library, or purchased on-line.

Other information can be gained on the web.  One of my favorite websites is American Moving and Storage Association website www.moving.org.

Moving can be an adventure.  It like all things in life is a mindset. Create as much adventure as possible during the process and most likely your family will draw closer together.  If you have older children, they can research their new community.  They can scope out restaurants they would like to go to, amusements parks, shopping... let their interests guide them.  This activity can create other interest as well.  Wether you are moving locally, or 10 hours away, leave some of the boxes packed and go out to connect to your new community daily.  This will make the move smooth and decrease stress.  Parks are a great way to meet new families with kids the same age as your children and begin new relationships.  Parks close to your home will assist in meeting children that may even be in your child's class when beginning their new school.

My family and I have moved 4 times to other cities. We seemed to move everytime my husband and I had a new baby or one on the way.  Some of the above items we learned along our moving adventures.  If you have other tips or hints to make moving easier, I would love to add them to my file~ just in case we move again or to pass along to my clients Making the Move.

Kindest Regards,

Denise Staton,

Broker, GRI, CRS Member, eAgent