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Bill Effros' first edition of 'How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days,' made quite impact on me in the early nineties because it provided an alternative for FSBO's and distressed Realtors.  I have probably sold between 25-30 homes using most of the original concepts of the book.  The current forum and book site at is a wealth of information, when you consider that the real estate sites which allow buyers and sellers to give full reports of their hour to hour success and failure is almost non-existant in todays world of full disclosure of everything except the inner workings of the real estate deal.  Not too many Realtors are going to be able to handle the idea of daily blogging with a client during the contract to close on a public forum.  :)

For the last ten or so years, I have been developing the 5 Day Sale for Realtors to use in the Central Texas markets.  I do thank Bill Effros for all his efforts to help the average FSBO who finds within his newer additions a few methods of various Realtors who have been using this kind of bidding war for a long time.   His book is designed for a Seller to accomplish one great feat of getting the home under contract over the course of a Thurs-Sunday weekend based on the idea that real property always will find its true value when enough buyers are encouraged to shop a tiny listing price on the day of the open house. 

Unfortunately, it does tend to be a little easier to do a 5 Day sale when the  state of the local economy is somewhat  stable, imo.   I have seen several recent succesfull 5 Day results in Austin, Texas neighborhoods where buyers appreciated the 5 Day method of letting the Offers determine how much a house is worth, without so much biased  interference from the Realtor or the Owner who is sweating bullets, especially the California Investors who are unloading dozens of properties each, and many by Short Sales.

Okay, Bill has never included a Plan B if the 5 Day doesn't bring a buyer.  That is a little extreme, but consider the source that Bill mostly is a book author  and we who call ourselves  writers, do come to love our printed decade old words, don't we? :)

I think for many Sellers a revised, 'How To Get A Realtor to Sell Your Home in 5 Days,' may be a future book, website, or mentoring technique available in the very near future.  If I don't see such a manual very soon, I may have to encourage one of my family members in the publishing business to be my ghost writer. :)

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I did sell two in less than 10 days in the past year.  Not to bad I guess.

Jul 26, 2008 06:23 AM