Seguin Goat Cheese

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A week ago today I found out that Gene and Carol Griesemer probably won't be able to continue producing that great marvel, their goat cheese. I missed Gene's return at the Grey Forest Farmers Market; May, June, and most of July went by...I had been told he'd be back in June or July. Last week the word was that financially the Griesemers, after all their hard work, couldn't justify continuing. Of course I understand; many small producers are feeling the pain we're reading about all over the news.

But I'm sad anyway. This blog receives a lot of traffic from all around San Antonio, the country, and several continents. I've received emails from many states in the U.S., from Canada, Europe, and Australia. Being from Europe myself, and having spent many a morning at farmers markets in Provence, I can tell you that the goat cheese Gene makes is without equal. I simply love it. So all those of you out there who are reading, please, a big cheer for Gene and Carol:

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