The Coolest Thing About Real Estate!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with EXiT Metro Realty

I have been in the real estate industry in some way or another my entire adult life. I have weathered many ups and downs. In fact, my career started during the time Jimmy Carter was President. We had run-away interest rate of 18% or more. It made our heads spin! Rates would go up a full percentage point within 24 hours and the buyers you had qualified to purchase couldn't buy a house.

No matter what the market is...up, down, slow, crazy..the very coolest thing about it is helping people achieve their dream of home ownership. Even now, I still get a thrill sitting at a settlement table watching my first time buyers purchase their first home. It is always a very exciting time! I've been around so long that some of my buyers are the children of my earliest clients.

I enjoy negotiating a contract for my new home buyers.  I lay awake many nights trying to figure out the best way to present their contract. Wondering how I can get as many of the things my buyers would like in their home.I love showing them the home that they begin their new life in, maybe start their family in, make their first home. It's challenging, takes patience and lots of education.

It truly is the greatest pleasure I have.

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Beth Bastian
Rosemont Financial Inc - Simi Valley, CA
Simi Valley Real Estate
I too have found a great love for our industry, the thrill of getting a first time home buyer into their house makes me proud of what I do.
Mar 20, 2007 04:07 PM
Matt Grohe
RE/MAX Concepts - Des Moines, IA
Serving the metro since 2003


 Your zest and eagerness after so long in the industry is refreshing. Your buyers are lucky to have you!

Mar 20, 2007 04:24 PM
Shawn Harris
EXiT Metro Realty - Alexandria, VA

Dear Matt:

Thank you so very much! May I never lose my enthusiasm. The day that happens is the day I need to leave the business :-)

Mar 20, 2007 05:49 PM
Shawn Harris
EXiT Metro Realty - Alexandria, VA

Dear Beth:

Great to find another EXiT agent on board :-)

Mar 20, 2007 06:39 PM
Cindy LaPeer
Home Solutions Real Estate - Spring, TX
Broker Owner

When the teaching profession became exhausting and I no longer felt the desire to get up and go to work, I switched careers and came to real estate. Although most people would see these two professions as entirely different, they are the same in many ways. I can honestly say that I too enjoy the satisfaction on buyers' and sellers' faces when a transaction is finally completed. Not too different than when a high school. And while I feel great satisfaction in those situations, I feel let-down when things don't work out like they were supposed to. Hopefully, the good will outweigh the bad over the years, and I will  always feel the desire to get up and go sell real estate.

Mar 20, 2007 06:50 PM