Buying New Homes. What "They" Won't Tell You...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with EXiT Metro Realty

Almost everyone dreams of a new home at one time or another. Some people make a regular habit of touring model homes in new home communities. Builders always have a very helpful sales staff. They prefer it if you don't bring your agent. Why is that?

Did you know that when you purchase a new home, the builder generally doesn't use the regional sales contract forms real estate agents use?  They don't tell you that if you don't have an agent, you don't have anyone representing YOU. You see, the builder is representing himself. He or she has had their attorneys draw up their contracts that are favoring the builder and their interests. You are an UNREPRESENTED buyer.

A lot of times, buyers think they will get a reduced new home price if they don't have their buyers agent with them. Not so. Generally the builder doesn't have to pay our commission, that's all. I have sat in on builder/buyer contract session and have heard the sales representative promise to do things that are in direct conflict with what I am reading in the builders contract.  Wouldn't it be great if you had someone looking out for your interests that could inform the sales representative those things were missing and so "I'll just write them in here so everyone can initial them"?

Builders are not bad people. But they know the game. You walk into a drop dead gorgeous model and you want a home just like that,too. Your heart is racing, it's everything you ever just sign here..or..wait! Please call your agent and have them get there...STAT!

Your agent is going to make sure that contract has some things in it for you. Your agent will be there with you at the design center trip to keep you level and help you get through all the walk-throughs on your new house. We see new homes all the time. We KNOW what can go wrong.

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