Wal-Mart and 123HappyStreet.com Have Things In Common

Services for Real Estate Pros with 123 Happy Street, LLC

 123 Happy Street (123HappyStreet.com)  was created to embrace the housing market down times with a positive attitude.   Just like the description below of our friends at Wal-Mart, we have the same search criteria for listings, and we market homes FSBO and by agents.   We are also latinofsbo.com for hispanic speaking consumers. 

Good news:  We were contacted by a bank regarding advertising, and are moving forward.  

From LaTimes.com - Wal-Mart.com: ...Although it's too soon to say, "Look out, Craigslist," ... The number of listings that turned up in our searches in July was not huge, but the service is only a few months old. A search here can be broken down by the usual bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage etc., as well as by homes for sale by agents, via foreclosure or FSBO (for sale by owner).

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