Why use a consultant for Fractional Ownership?

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Whether you're interested in buying, selling or managing your fractional ownership, a knowledgeable fractional ownership consultant will be your best friend. Why spend hours of your precious time fretting over cleanliness, routine maintenance, usage, collecting payments and book keeping? Since time is money, finding a trustworthy fractional consultant and management company can help you in a multitude of ways.
For the Developer:

A fractional ownership consultant can help you move unsold inventory. Today many developers are choosing to divvy up their luxury properties into fractional shares to sell quicker. In some markets, it's much easier to find eight people with $125,000 to invest, rather than one millionaire. Even people who could afford a million-dollar estate or a $500,000 condo see the value in only paying for the amount of time they'll be staying in their second home, while essentially "renting out" the rest of the time to regular owners. The appeal of offering deeds to each shareholder makes it a win-win for everyone, as they watch their investments appreciate over time and you unload your housing stock, despite the slow market.

For the Seller:

A fractional ownership consultant can help you manage your property. What if maintenance needs to be done? What if one of your share holders isn't paying his or her dues? What if there is a squabble over a certain week? What if someone wants to sell their portion? Who will call the maid service to be sure everything is taken care of for the deed holders? The most ideal way to invest in fractional ownership is to buy the property and let a professional management company take care of all the hassles and headaches.

For the Client:

A fractional ownership consultant can help you: keep two or more months of a luxury property and sell the rest to other like-minded individuals. They can help you locate a property, sell your existing property, formalize arrangements among shareholders and negotiate a new contract.

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