Dryer Fire: Concession Fire Suppressed Before Causing Significant Damage

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Gateway National Recreation Area

National Park News

Tuesday, Jul 8, 2008

On the morning of July 5th, staff in the Sandy Hook Unit were notified of a dryer fire at the Seagulls Nest restaurant, a park concessioner. The park's fire brigade and Highlands VFD responded. The fire was controlled with two 20-pound fire extinguishers and the dryer was removed from the building. The wall in the area of the dryer vent was opened and a thermal imager was used to check for fire extension into the structure. All doors and serving windows were opened and a ventilation fan was set up to clear smoke from the building. The dryer had been used the previous evening, but employees reported turning it off before leaving at 11 p.m. An employee found the dryer burning after opening the dryer door at approximately 9 a.m.  Damage was limited to the dryer and washer, a melted light cover, the opening into the wall, and soot and dry chemical agent. The county fire marshal's office was notified and an investigator responded. The fire investigator concurred the fire was not suspicious and that it probably started the night before and smoldered during the night. Once the dryer door was opened, it began burning. The drum in the dryer did not turn freely after the fire and could have been the cause of the fire if it had stopped turning when in use the previous evening. The dryer vent and hose were clear of lint and other obstructions. The concession operator was advised to use the dryer only when staff is present in the building and to make sure it is not left running after closing.


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