Arise And Pray.

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Cindy Jacobs recently encouraged Christians to Arise and pray. She said:   The Lord urgently spoke to me regarding intercession for the upcoming United States election. The Bible commands us to pray for those in authority over us so that we may lead a peaceable and quiet life (see 1 Tim. 2:1-3). This only comes through fervent prayer for the right leaders to be elected! We must intercede for our president, Congress and the military. The United States is at a cusp; it will become the "city on a hill," or it will plummet. This is not a time to be apathetic.

This upcoming election on Nov. 4 is one of the most critical elections in our nation's history because 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 35 seats in the Senate, 70 state Supreme Court justices, and 35 governors for individual states will be decided upon.

There are an estimated 60 million evangelical voters in the United States; however, only 15 million ever vote, and 24 million are not even registered to vote. These staggering statistics heighten the concern as we approach the election.

Additionally, this election will affect the nation's domestic and foreign policy. Satan wants to destabilize the Middle East. We need to pray that God will glue together the Middle East. It's critical that the next president of our nation be masterful in foreign policy. We need a righteous leader who cares about the poor and social justice issues.

Join with me as we intercede for the United States' election.

Ron Lambright

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