Flat Fee MLS Florida Gains in Popularity as Florida's Market Improves

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Flat Fee MLS in Florida has grown even more popular this year because pricing has become one the most important factors for getting sold. The 3% savings that flat fee MLS affords sellers allows for more aggressive pricing.

The Real Estate Market in Florida in July has been strong. The average call volume at ADDvantage is 50-60 calls a day from buyers and Realtors seeking showing instructions, making offers and asking questions.

Before you list flat fee in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando or other Florida cities, realize that flat fee MLS is not a part time job. It is a labor intensive business that requires dedication, capital investment, full time webmaster, MLS administrators, call center and software to mange the listings. If one of these components is missing, your flat fee listing will suffer.

ADDvantage is Florida's most committed flat fee MLS listing service. Our clients' overall satisfaction is of paramount concern to us. We are the only Florida flat fee MLS company that answers the phone live 8:00am-8:00pm 7 days a week (that includes Saturday and Sunday). We forward all messages, leads, comments, showing requests, offers and even remind our clients about little details such as: (i) consider adjusting your price if lead flow is too slow; (ii) help with pricing; (iii) market conditions.


3 most important factors that affect sellers listing flat fee MLS Florida are: 

1) The Listing Agreement between you and the flat fee MLS Broker. Some flat rate listing agreements are not straight-forward. They may have language that clearly states buyer leads from Realtor.com do not go to the seller (if so, that is not genuine flat fee MLS). Or, there is a $500 cancellation fee is you attempt to move your listing to another broker before their 12 month listing term is over (again, that is not true flat fee MLS).

2) The listing broker must be responsive and diligent about answering the phone. If they are not, you will lose buyer leads and Realtor showings. Realtors and buyers call the listing broker all the time.  Many sellers believe that because their number in published in the MLS (along with the broker) that Realtors actually follow instructions and call them. Some do and many do not. Remember, this flat fee listing concept is new to many Realtors. 

3) Marketing is a must. Just because someone has a website that says "I'm a flat fee broker" doesn't mean they have the infrastructure to handle listings, maintain them, answer the phone, record buyer leads and Realtor calls, optimize listings online, troubleshoot problems with listings, feeds and keep pushing forward. For example, ADDvantage has the most sophisticated MLS listing software of any flat fee company in America...It took ADDvantage 2 years of programming to build our systems. And, we have state-of-the-art contract to close tracking software. Our web developer is one of the University of Florida's best.


Well, that's all I have to say about flat fee MLS Florida but our clients have said quite a bit over the years.


Keith Gordon

Broker, ADDvantage



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