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One of my clients gave me a copy of the book, Sway, by Brafman (actually, by two Brafmans).  It is fasciating reading.  Today, it has me thinking about the importance of keeping in contact with your sellers.  Research on convicted felons showed that their perspective on whether or not they got fair treatment in their trial depended most on how much time their attorney spent with them.  If the attorney spent a lot of time with them, they considered their sentence (even if it was a long one) as fair.

A direct relation to Real Estate is that if you are consistent and constant in communication with your clients, they will most probably remain loyal to you and feel you are doing a good job for them...even if their house sits on the market longer than they want it to.

Seth Godin's book , The Dip, has direct and obvious application to Real Estate.  Many agents have gotten out of the business, or fallen off the cliff, because of the shift in the market.  But, for those agents who are able to hang in there, making the most of the time to build skill and build relationships and build a database, the dip they are in will eventually take an upswing and they will be in the best position to maximize on the opportunity.

All sorts of books will influence your business.   Don't just read Real Estate books.  Think of yourself as a business person, not "just a Realtor," and learn to apply all sorts of insight to make your business outrageously successful.


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Jeri & Henri Gutner
Realty One Group Legacy - Doylestown, PA

Two great books. I heard of the Dip at Keller Williams Family Reunion in Atlanta. Seth Godin apart from being a great writer and marketer is a fabulos entretainer and motivator

Sep 04, 2008 02:03 AM