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Yes! We can offer you a true 100% commercial loan! How do we do it?  First, you must be realistic with your goals of achieving maximum financing for your project.  Just follow some simple guidelines listed below:

  • Good credit.
  • Cash reserves.
  • A well drafted personal and or business financial statement.
  • A good business plan.
  • Equity capital.
  • The right property.

An educated and well prepared investor are the best customers you can have.  Be sure you follow the above and choose your lender wisely.  Depending on what kind of property you wish to purchase will determine the type of lender securing your loan you will use.  If you don't have enough equity capital to put in the deal, then choose your commercial equity provider wisely if you can locate one. Don't forget to select an experienced commercial real estate agent to represent you and insure they are up to speed with all the properties available and the various financing programs on the market. Do your homework well and you will find your chances of succeeding in commercial investing to be a positive experience.  Click on the links below to learn more about about market LTV financing.


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